PremiumHomeOutlet Third Party Code of Conduct

PremiumHomeOutlet is dedicated to upholding ethical, humane, and legal business standards. All partners and suppliers directly associated with PremiumHomeOutlet are required to adhere strictly to this code and all relevant local, national, and international laws. Violations or non-compliance with this code or laws may result in the termination of business relationships.

Key Areas of Focus:

  1. Ethical Business Practices: PremiumHomeOutlet prioritizes integrity and honesty in all business dealings.

  2. Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption: Any form of improper payments or benefits by employees, contractors, merchants, and other associates is strictly forbidden. Exceptions are made for nominal gifts or offers (less than $50 USD) that do not influence decision-making.

  3. Conflict of Interest and Self-Dealing: Personal gains or benefits stemming from one’s position, especially at the expense of PremiumHomeOutlet or its associates, are prohibited. Transparency in potential conflicts of interest is mandatory.

  4. Antitrust and Anti-Competitive Behavior: Practices like price fixing, geographic monopolization, and unfair merchant practices are not tolerated.

  5. Human Rights: PremiumHomeOutlet is committed to protecting and promoting human rights universally.

  6. Harassment and Discrimination: Engagement in any form of unlawful harassment or discrimination is prohibited. This policy covers all aspects of business operations and relationships.

  7. Obscene Content: Posting of obscene or harmful content, particularly involving children, is forbidden and will be reported to authorities.

  8. Sanctions Compliance: Business dealings with entities from sanctioned countries or involving sanctioned goods are not permitted.

  9. Labor Standards: Compliance with labor laws, including prohibition of forced, penal, or child labor, is mandatory. Workers’ rights, including voluntary employment and collective bargaining, are respected.

  10. Wages and Working Hours: Compliance with local wage and working hours laws is required.

  11. Occupational Safety: Safe and non-abusive work environments in line with occupational, occupancy, and fire codes are a must.

  12. Environmental Protection: PremiumHomeOutlet strives for environmental protection, including the prohibition of hazardous chemicals in products and manufacturing, and carbon emission offsetting.

  13. Confidentiality and Data Protection: Maintaining confidentiality of information and safeguarding data is critical. Any data breaches must be promptly reported to PremiumHomeOutlet.

  14. Intellectual Property: Respect for intellectual property rights is essential. Unauthorized use of PremiumHomeOutlet’s intellectual property is not permitted. Suppliers sending us photos or text that they do not own will be banned from our platform.

  15. Inspection and Audit Rights: PremiumHomeOutlet reserves the right to inspect and audit facilities to ensure compliance.

  16. Product Compliance: Products and packaging must comply with international trade laws and safety regulations.

  17. Reporting Violations: Violations of this code can be reported confidentially via email to or through mail to the Legal Department, [PremiumHomeOutlet's Address Kapoesweg 10, 1043AD Amsterdam, The Netherlands].

PremiumHomeOutlet enforces these standards to maintain its commitment to responsible and ethical business practices.


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